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kakashi_gaiden's Journal

A Kakashi Community That Doesn't Suck Monkey Balls
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Hi there. This community was created in the sole purpose of making a Kakashi community that doesn't suck in terms of both visual appeal and content. Because the Copy Ninja deserves better than that. Seriously.

Let's lay some ground rules:

1. Hatake Kakashi is awesome.
2. Kakashi is not a child molester. He's a pervert, yes, but in a hysterical, rawktastic way. Not in the "I'm-gonna-butt-rape-all-the-kids-in-this-series" way.
3. Blah, blah, blah, don't be a jack-hole. Simple. You are, however, free to be a smart-ass. Or even sassy. Pffft. I know I am.
4. Swearing is perfectly fine. I do. A lot.
5. Personally, I hate fanfiction. And yaoi. These two ingredients combined can bring down even the most resilient of anime series. However, it IS a free country...So just make sure you put it under a cut and everything.
6. Icon dumps bigger than 3 and pictures should be put under a cut too.
7. Promoting other communities is fine, as long as they relate to Naruto or any other anime series.
8. Introduction posts aren't obligatory, but they do take up space in the community and make it look like we're all active.

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This community was created by penultimategeek and is maintained by penultimategeek and ispeaknerd.