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New RPG Looking for players

gotonpo is a new pre-Naruto IRC based RPG. We're currently looking for members and they game has not yet started yet, so you haven't missed out on anything that has happened! The characters available for play will be anyone alive while Yondaime Hokage was in place. This means there is no applying for a Naruto, or any other character that exist in that time period as they just wouldn't be born yet.

This game will start off prior to Kakashi making jounin and Obito obtaining sharingan. Either of these things can happen during the game, if those roleplayers so choose for it to happen. Come check out our simple application available in the user info! Have questions? We'll answer them!

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Kakashi wormed his way into a sketch of mine. I've been wanting to draw him for awhile, it's just not the fanart I was looking to have.
Awww Hell, Yay for doodles.

Image hosted by

Thought I'd share for the fun of it.
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Holy Monkeys! I go looking for Kakashi icons and I find this. I adore Kakashi.
If it were possible I would so want him as a sensei. Hell I went to the mall for x-mas gifts for the family and came home with kakashi hoody for myself...I'm a little obsessed...

Kakashi=love Love=obsession O_o

I hope to be accepted into the ranks!
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Hey, just found this place!! It's good to know that Kakashi-sama won't be fan-abused constantly by yaoi writers here. Or in ay other way. ROFL

Anyways.... Yeah. Kakashi is hot. He's my main bishie in Naruto. Well, in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place are Haku, Sasuke, and Kimimaro. I actually know nothing about Kimimaro, though.... I just thought he looked cool. ^^;
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